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Safe Kids Douglas County was created in 1991 by its lead agencies—WellStar Health System and Cobb & Douglas Public Health.  Since then the coalition has grown to include representatives from community, government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.


The children in Douglas County will have a safe place to grow and play, free from unintentional injuries.


To reduce the number of unintentional injuries of children ages 14 and under through:

  • Community Partnerships
  • Advocacy
  • Public awareness
  • Distribution of safety equipment and education on its proper use

The following organizations are actively represented through the Safe Kids Douglas County Coalition:

Cobb County Division of Family and Children Services
Cobb County Extension Services
Cobb County P.A.R.K.S
Cobb County Public Safety
Cobb County Safety Village
Georgia Child Fatality Review Board Cobb County Parks
MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service
Puckett EMS
Recreation and Cultural Affairs
Smyrna Fire
US Army Corps of Engineers
WellCare of Georgia
WellStar Foundation

Other corporate partners include:
Babies R Us
Regal Lager, Inc.
The Law Office of Andrew Jones

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