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6770 Selman Drive | Douglasville, GA 30134
Telephone:  770-949-5155
Email: safekidsdouglascounty@gmail.com
**Please note, a coordinator is not always in the office during the listed hours.**

NEW- Schedule your car seat inspections online now.
Click on BOOK NOW blue Button on the right!

It is recommended that you bring your child unless pregnant so the Child Passenger Safety Technicians are able to appropriately make the necessary adjustments for the child seat to fit your child safely.

If you need assistance with obtaining a reduced fee car seat from Safe Kids Douglas County, please specify the age of the child in the “Special Request” section of the booking form. You must be a Douglas County resident, receive WIC/Medicaid or Peachcare. You are required to bring your child/children with you to your appointment.

  • Note that if you are planning on having multiple cars seats inspected or multiple cars, you should schedule two 45 minute appointment slots.
  • Please remember to bring the instruction manuals for the vehicle and the child safety seat(s) with you if you have them.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a Safe Kids representative, please call 770-949-5155.

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