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Ways to Get Involved

Become a partner – New partnerships with other groups, organizations, and businesses are the key to sustaining our activities and to further our reach in the community. If your group has a potential idea as to how we can combine our efforts, let us know!

Be a volunteer – We always need extra help, especially during the months of September through November. Volunteers enable us to do more work and be more efficient. Every person counts!

Donate – As a non-profit coalition, all of the money that is used to provide the safety items comes exclusively from grants for which we apply and donations we receive for the services provided. If you would like to donate funds toward our efforts, please use the instructions and link below. We sincerely thank you for your generosity and support!

To donate, visit the Douglas Health Future Fund, Inc. website and select the option that best suits you or your organization. However you choose to give, please make sure you stipulate that your donation goes to Safe Kids Douglas County; there are other groups that are a part of the Health Future Fund and your donation will be split if you do not specify.

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