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If you would like Safe Kids Douglas County to be part of your event or provide a speaker for your event please submit an Event Request Form.

Safe Kids Douglas County works with local schools, community groups, and businesses to implement child injury prevention programs in the risk areas below.  Please contact us if you would like a presentation on one of these risk areas for your group, or if you are interested in working with Safe Kids Douglas County to implement an ongoing safety program.

Child Passenger Safety

Pedestrian and Bike Safety

Water Safety

Home Safety

Poison Prevention

Fire Safety

Youth Sports Safety

Safe Kids Douglas County sponsors a bike helmet distribution program for children in need. For those who qualify, Safe Kids Douglas County will provide a helmet fitting, educational session, and bike helmet. Please call (770) 852-3285 for more information about this program.

To schedule an appointment try our new online reservation system in both English and Spanish. If you prefer to speak to a Safe Kids representative, please call our bilingual phone line at (770) 514-2369.

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